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Are you like THOUSANDS of contractors and have a good working Vulcan Plasma Cutter, but the controls are out dated? And the factory says, "Sorry, we don't have any more replacement parts for your table." Well, now you have a sensiable price effective alternative. Call us and we can provide you with a turn-key retro-fit package that will save you upwards of $30,000 over buying a new 5' x 10' Plasma Table. Here's what we provide.

NEW CNC ST-2 controller


Ø EASIER OPERATION – The PC-CNC control is a Windows based control system. Operation is very simple so training new operators is simple and fast. While developing this system we worked to eliminate operator keypad data entry keystrokes compared to the older CNC systems.  Under normal conditions the operator only need 3 mouse clicks to select a sheet and initiate plasma cutting, saving time increasing productivity.

Ø ELIMINATE PROCESSING TIME – The new controls are networked to the office computer with a standard network cable. Sending duct fitting sheet files from the office to the shop happens instantly. The network cable is off the shelf standard CAT5-(6) and is bought and serviced locally (no more fiber optics) as with all other PC’s on your companies’ network. This allows for PC-CNC communication (download) from the office PC at much faster rates than the traditional CNC plasma controllers. 

Ø LOCALLY SERVICED – Your PC-CNC control can be serviced by your own local or in house I.T. support personnel. No more expensive repairs needed as with older conventional CNC controls. Expensive parts and shipping the control out for repair will no longer be necessary because the Windows Computer on our system is like any other Windows PC that your organization is using and supporting in house today. We can even load CNC software on your backup PC for you for free (ready to go replacement).

Ø DOWNLOADING OPTIONS – With your new PC-CNC system the operator has several Options for transferring the sheets from the office to the machine which are standard PC Conventions such as; via Network, USB memory stick or burning CD with the sheet files on it. This offers important options if there were ever network problems. Your operator always has the option to walk the sheet files out the machine on a CD or USB memory stick which is impossible with conventional CNC controllers.

Ø Click to Burn fast positioning software feature – This feature allows for the operator to click on any location of any part on the 2D image of the sheet, the torch rapid moves to that location for starting over after a lost cut or for re-burning a single part.

Ø MINIMAL PARTS – The simple, “off the shelf” motor drive and heavy duty 7 amp brushless Precision motors are robust, trouble free and field proven in industrial environments and will provide years of trouble free service.

Ø EASY PART CHANGE OUT - The digital motor drive systems are, “off the shelf” which requires No adjusting and tuning unlike the old analog or servo drives. All of the parts are relatively inexpensive and proven to with stand the demands of industrial Plasma cutting in dirty industrial environments. Most parts are available from national and local vendors. In most cases, you can buy the part directly from the source. Contrast this with other manufacturers and their known exorbitant parts mark-ups. Ø IMPROVE CUT EDGE QUALITY – New drive system with precision electronic Motors and CNC PC based control result in tighter cleaner cut edges. Mechanical components and parts are all available off the shelf from our warehouse partner.

Standard Plasma control upgrade Component parts list for the PC-CNC BASED MOTION CONTROL DRIVE SYSTEM

-    System electrical control Enclosure box with E-Stop and ON/OFF and fuse protection

-    PC motion control generator interfaces with any or 7 based PC 32 bit or 64 bit

-   CNC machine software & ST-2 controller

-    2 (X,Y) Industrial solid state motor and solid state drives

-    2 (X,Y) magnetic proximity sensors for over travel and homing of the X and Y axis

-    All new cabling for motors and proximity sensors

-    CAT 6 cable for communications (Interface office PC with machine control PC)

System is compatible with the latest version of Autodesk MAP (TSI) software, Vulcan (Mechanical Data), SDS, East Coast, and various CAD/CAM Software packages.

Customer supplied items:

  •  * PC (located at the plasma table) Windows 7 or 8.1
  •  * WINDOWS PC in the office with HVAC or CAD/CAM software.
  •  * Wi-Fi, or INSTALL CAT-6 NETWORK CABLE, OFFICE TO THE MACHINE, and on site shop help for the duration of the install.

    Call us today and let's get you scheduled to solve your controller problem forever. Thank you!


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