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Rotodie - Safety Equipment to comply w/ ANSI, $9975, ID#RTOSAFETY





Roto-Die, Inc. introduces a New Light Curtain System that is compatible with ALL Roto-Die machines. This system has been engineered to meet or exceed Safety Requirements for Hydraulic Power Presses per ANSI B11.2-1995 and Safety Requirements for Power Press Operation per CAN/CSA-Z142-02-1995.

As a reminder, it is ultimately the responsibility of the employer to ensure the safety of their employees as only they know how equipment is used in their facility (ANSI 4.2.1 and 8.1.1 and CSA 5.3.1). Everything required for installation is included.

The Light Curtain is active when the Ram is in its top (home) position. Interruption of the Light Beam during the down stroke will stop and reverse direction of the Ram. When the Upper Die reaches the Muting Point (1/4” above the Lower Die), the Light Curtain is completely Muted*. Bending motion (or “drooping”) of the sheet metal will not interrupt operation

*Note: If you are bending flanged material such as TDC, you must lower the Ram to its Muting Point (via jogging the foot pedal) before placing flanged material in press.

Safety System Features:

  • New Main Control Panel including Lockout/Tagout ability
  • 18" Category 4 Light Curtain with Floating Blanking to offer maximum protection above the Upper Die and below the Lower Die
  • Redundant (Primary and Secondary) Proximity Sensors
  • Built-In-Muting
  • Redundant (Primary and Secondary) Self-Monitoring Electronic Solenoid Valves
  • Push-button operator station
  • Double-Ended Quick-Connect cables for Valves (2), Proximity Sensors (2), and Light Curtain Sticks (2)
  • Front fixed-guard for added safety in the die area
  • New piping, high-pressure fittings and all installation hardware
  • Manual jog of upper die remains intact
  • Watch video of curtain here>
  • 2nd video of safety curtain here>

This guarding is available from stock, don't let OSHA shut down your operation, call us today at 412-921-2800 or email us.

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