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Rotodie - 30" x 20-ga Pneumatic Powered Cleatbender, delivered, $9450, ID#ROTOC30

Rotodie - 30" x 20-ga Pneumatic Powered Cleatbender, delivered, $9450,


Boost productivity with a
Roto-Die Cleat Bender

Roto-Die open end cleat bender

Introduced in 2003, the Roto-Die Open-End Cleat Bender is versatile and efficient, handling sheet metal up to 20 gauge x 30 inches. Equipped with wide jaws and adjustable cleats, the Cleat Bender is pneumatically operated at 90 PSI and runs at up to 50 strokes per minute. The open-end design enables the formation of L-shaped ducts. Our cleat bender can be quickly adjusted, and is easy to operate, which helps prevent downtime and boost productivity.

Do you currently own a pre-2008 Roto-Die Cleat Bender? Has it been exposed to heavy use? If so, you may want to take advantage of our refurbish program. Roto-Die can replace the fingers, valves and limit valves as well as add shock absorbers to optimize usage and extend the life of your machine. We offer a full inspection, and will set-up your machine to your specific requirements

Factory support is available nationwide for local service. Technical assistance is also available to assist you in obtaining the best production from your machine.

The Cleat Bender handles sheet metal up to 20ga. x 30 inches

  • Pneumatically Operated
  • Wide jaws allow forming in 1/2" increments
  • Adjustable cleat settings
  • Front-mounted quick-release valves
  • Large, stainless steel feed table resists rust
  • Built in America

animation of the Cleat Bender in action

Contact us today for pricing and availability.

Worn or broken springs impact the performance of your Roto-Die.

Roto-Die hydraulic sheet metal brake

Typical symptoms of worn springs are uneven ram pressure and / or a ram which is slow to return. If it's been over 5 years since your springs were replaced, you're probably overdue. The recommended replacement schedule is three years of normal use and two years of heavy duty use. Replacement is relatively straight-forward with no special tools required.

Replace your springs for best operation.

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