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Ideal - Metal Wire Channel Letter Stitchers, ID#IDEALS

Ideal - Metal Wire Channel Letter Stitchers,

Metal Wire Stitchers

26″ throat accommodates stitching up to 52″ letters. Uses 18 gauge (.0475), stainless steel or galvanized wire 10# coil.

  • Adequate space for all depths of letters
  • 1-3/8″ clearance between clincher & head.
  • A safe & comfortable work height: from floor to top of post is 46-1/2″.
  • Letters up to 18″ deep can be stitched without any adjustments. 18″ depth from clincher (anvil) top to support cross bar.
  • Minimal floor space; a quarter of the space required by other fastening equipment – 24″x41″.
  • Standard electrical – 110/115 volts – 1/2 HP.

Available in
S-13-AW 13" Throat Depth
S-25-AW 25" Throat Depth
S-25-SAW     25" Channel Letter
S-13-AW Metal Stitcher
Why Stitch?
  • Low Material Cost
  • Low Production Cost
  • Secure Permanent Joints
  • No Pre-Drilling
  • Metal to Metal
  • Metal to Non-Metal
  • Non-Metal to Non-Metal

  • S-25-AW Metal Stitcher
    Stitching offers considerable savings over other methods of securing metal to paper, cloth, wood, leather, plastic, aluminum, steel - almost anything that can be riveted, spot welded, nailed, taped or glued.

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