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Gripnail - PowerPinner 50 Multi-head Welder, ID#GNPP50

Gripnail - PowerPinner 50 Multi-head Welder,

Keep your coil line running at 50 feet per minute!

Full Speed Coil Line Pinner - Most coil lines are capable of running at 50 feet per minute but have to slow down to 25 when applying welded duct liner fasteners. The PowerPinner 50 Multi-head Welder keeps your line speed and profits up. Run your line at its full 50 foot per minute capacity while placing pins as close as 6 inches apart.

Full Range of Pins (1/2" to 2")

The specially designed feeder bowl accepts the full range of pins. Switch from one size to another without changing bowls. The "competition" will need to send you two (2) sets of bowls, that you will have to change out everytime you want to go to 2" Pins. At today's labor costs you can't afford all this lost time and $$$$! With our PowerPinner 50 you simply load any size pin and you are ready to go to work.

Full Range of Metal (26 to 16 gauge)

The specially designed high output transformer solidly welds the full range of pins to the full range of sheet metal. One touch at the operator's console changes each head setting for different gauges.

Easy Weld Head Adjustment

 rear shot

Head spacing is reset with simple twist knobs. This allows the operator to easily switch from plain edge duct or slip & drive to TDC/TDF.

Drop in Replacement for Older Welders

The PowerPinner 50 Multi-head Welder takes only 4 feet of coil line length and uses the same controller as most coil line welders.

Rugged Construction

Heavy, welded tubular steel frame, extra wide magnetic traction belts, stainless steel pin tracks and flexible weld cables are all part of a design intended for the most severe duct manufacturing environments.

Advanced Electronic Controls

All welder functions are controlled with solid state circuit boards or a Programmable Logic Control unit. All sensors are solid state electronics. There are no mechanical sensors or switches to wear out or need adjustment.

Please call us toll free at 800-753-0393 or email us to receive your delivered price quotation on this unit to your shop location. Please include the brand of coil line you have or the one you are considering to purchase. Thanks!

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