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Gripnail - 7005 Rapid Fire Fixed Head Welder, ID#GN7005RF

Gripnail - 7005 Rapid Fire Fixed Head Welder,

One step welding speeds production

The new Power Pinner RF has all the features of our standard 7005 welder plus a special program that allows the operator to continuously fasten weld pins while depressing the foot pedal. The RF will keep welding pins until the operator removes his foot from the pedal. This maximizes speed for the fastest possible pinning operation. Flip a switch and the machine returns to a manual mode for larger pieces of duct work.

The PowerPinner –RF features simple, reliable electronic controls and a high output transformer that will fasten 1/2" to 2" pins to 16-26 gauge sheet metal. Other features include:

  • Dependable Electronic Controls - A programmable logic control unit replaces all timers, relays, reed switches and circuit boards.
  • Single Weld Control - Just set the machine for the gauge you want, and everything else is automatic.
  • Quick Change Welding Tips - Upper and lower tips can be changed in seconds; lower tip is reversible for twice the life.
  • Automatic Pin Feed - One feeder bowl for all pin sizes.


Input Voltage 190-240 VAC 60Hz, 1 Phase, 30 Amp
Air Requirement 2-3 CFM, 80 PSI
Working Depth 63"
Anvil Height 36"
Total Depth 68"
Total Width 32"
Weight 800 Lbs.
Freight Class 70

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