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Electrabrake - the world's most versatile sheet metal brake, ID#ELECTRABRK

Electrabrake - the world's most versatile sheet metal brake,

These brakes are NOT made anymore, HOWEVER we are trying to get them made. STAY TUNE.

This new concept in sheet metal forming gives you much more freedom to make the shapes you want.  The machine is very different from ordinary folders because it clamps the work piece with a powerful electro-magnet rather than by mechanical means.  It offers much greater versatility than conventional sheet metal benders; there is no limitation to depth of boxes and deep channels, and completely closed sections can be formed.

Electrabrake Model E0650

Compared with conventional box and pan folders, electrabrake offers the following important advantages:

  1. Automatic clamping and unclamping means faster operation with less operator fatigue
  2. Unlimited throat depth
  3. Quick and accurate setting of angle stop
  4. Infinite length bending in stages is possible
  5. Accurate and continuous indication of beam angle
  6. Open ended design allows folding of complex shapes
  7. Machines can be ganged end-to-end for long bending
  8. Adapts easily to customised tooling (clamp bars of special cross-sections)
  9. Self-protecting - machine cannot be overloaded
  10. Neat, compact and modern design

  • Hems
  • Any-angle bends
  • Rolled edges
  • Stiffening ribs
  • Closed channels
  • Boxes
  • Interrupted folds
  • Deep channels
  • Return bends
  • Deep fins

Our brake can make any of these shapes. They're very popular with racing teams in Europe. Why not put one to work in your NASCAR or Hot Rod shop?

Aerofoil section for a racing car, made from 1.6 mm thick aluminium.

We offer machines in the following lengths and capacities: 24" x .063", 39.37" x .063", 49.21" x .063", 78.74" x .063", 98.43" x .063" & 125.98" x .047". Which length and size is best for you? Want to take one to the job site for that really hard piece you just have to make on site? Our machines weight any where from 159 lbs. to 838 lbs.  We can deliver normally within 10 days from date of order. 

Watch a short video by clicking here >

Machine shown above is a 10' x 18-gauge and the price above reflects the price of this size machine delivered to your shop within 10-days.  If you need a smaller size please call us toll free at 800-753-0393 and let us quote you a price to your door or fill-out the form below and we will email it to you.  

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