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Automec - Model CNC4000 Backgauge System, ID#AMCN4000


The CNC4000 is our PC-based system known for its Windows-like graphical user interface. Anyone familiar with a home computer will find the CNC4000 user friendly and easy to use.

The CNC4000 is available as a one, two or three axis control and can be connected to all Automec 24" and 48" backgauges, ram controls and programmable gauge bar height options. The CNC4000 also has a large 10,000 job memory storage and a floppy disk for off-line job storage and transferring data between multiple CNC4000 systems.


CNC4000 comes standard with a 10.5" color graphics LCD - windows-like screens guide the operator through programming and system opertaions. Up to 8 bends of the program can be viewed at one time showing up to three axes of control. A total of 32 steps can be programmed for each job. A parts counter keeps track of total parts formed. A ram offset ± .099” and bend allowance of ± .999 can be programmed for each job to offset all dimensions in the program by the same amount.


A 10,000 job memory is included in the basic control with a tool library which stores optional parameters for angle mode operation. Additionally, up to 1,000 jobs can be stored on a standard 3 ½” floppy disk (provided as standard equipment) in order to backup storage or as a quick means of transferring jobs from pressbrake to pressbrake.


Part numbers can be easily recalled from the floppy disk or fixed memory in two different ways:

  • By entering the part number directly.
  • Or scroll through the job list which displays all jobs and select the desired job with a single keystroke.


The CNC4000 supports up to 16 digit alpha-numeric part numbers: a numeric keyboard is used to enter the part number. The screen displays a pop-up keyboard that allows a numeric key to function as an alpha key enabling the operator to enter alpha-numeric part number.

Help screens are available for every operation to further assist the operator in the event he/she needs assitance. During the programming process, error messages overlay data when errors are made - these messages offer a suggested correction and are removed from the screen when corrections are made.



  • Full color 10.5 graphics screen using pop-up Windows
  • 10,000 job storage in fixed memory
  • Storage backup of 1000 jobs to a standard 3.5 floppy disk
  • Up tp 32 bends per job
  • 16 digit alpha-numeric part numbers
  • Tool Library
  • Angle or ram depth programming with direct conversion
  • Gauge retract on pinch point
  • Available with up to 3 axes
  • Bend allowance ± .999”
  • Ram offset ± .099”
  • .001” display resolution
  • True IN/MM conversion
  • Tactile-feel pushbutton
  • Optional RS232 computer interface (PC)
  • 2 year warranty

Watch this gauge in action by clicking here>

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