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Advance - TDF Duplex Coil System, NEW PRODUCT, ID#ADTDFLINE

Advance - TDF Duplex Coil System, NEW PRODUCT,


Autofold FABRI-FLANGE TDF or TDC System

You're reviewing our Patent Pending AUTOFOLD Fabri-Flange TDF/C System takes a seamed flat L-shape, U-shape or Full Wrapper ductwork and rollforms TDF flange onto both sides of the duct and brakes the duct to size into the desired L, U or Full Warp piece! In addition, you can use the Fabri-Flange to rollform your TDF or TDC fittings and make your own Clips for all your duct and fittings! Their is no other machine on the market in the world!! The Fabri-Flange takes the advantages of the $400,000 back-end of a Full Coil Line, and makes it into a free-standing TDF/C Rollformer and Clip Rollformer and incorporates them in a small stand alone system for a fraction of the price! The Fabri-Flange can work with any manufacturers' coil lines... Advance Cutting Systems® , Engel®, Vicon® or Iowa Precision®!

IF you combine our AF516 Autofold coil line with this revolutionary TDF Fabri-Flange Duplex you will have purchased one of the most productive coil lines available, brand new, for around 40% of a Gigantic 1200 sq. ft. Coil Line from the other 3 manufacturers. PLUS our combination takes up 1/2 the space! There are no negatives, let us show you the Pros & Cons of this system. Let us quote you this system today and get you in a position to tackle any job in your city.

Below are the Specs on the TDF Fabri-Flange:
  • Works with TDF/C Slit Notches
  • Dual-Head TDF/C Rollformers with infeed guides 5' or 4' width 18-gauge Capacity
  • External TDF or C Rolls for Fittings External Clip Rolls
  • Full Wrap Brake for TDF/C
  • Easy to Use PLC Control
  • Self Contained Hydraulic System (No Pneumatics)
  • One 3 Phase Power drop
  • On-Site Installation & Training
  • *Tax & Freight Not Included* BUT call us 800-753-0393 and we will work something to make your decision an easy one.

Call us FIRST @ 800-753-0393 and your freight will be included, but you must call us FIRST or call elsewhere and get a higher price and pay for freight.

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