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Thalmann - 21' to 40' Long Folders, ID#THZ125

Thalmann - 21' to 40' Long Folders,

The ZR Series of folding machines come in gauge sizes of 18, 16, 14 and 11.  From the original ideas of Otto Thalmann, the man that invented the long folding machine, these are the world’s most advanced heavy-duty,  hydraulic folding machines.  The machines can be ordered in standard lengths of 13, 21, 26,  32 and 40 feet, as well as custom lengths.

Clamping and bending beams are driven by separate control shafts for precise, parallel movements. A Frequency inverter on the hydraulic motor, which controls clamping and folding beams, as well as the backgauge, insures that all three axis speeds are controlled in a fluid and accurate motion. Quick and easy crowning and radius adjustments are located on the front of each c-frame for material and profile changes.

Greater free space in front of the upper and folding beams means you can form complex geometric shapes. 
Has the most powerful and easy-to-use controls on the market.  The DS2801 stores all of the standard profiles vital to the metal building and architectural roofing industries, as well as custom profiles that you create. 

An integrated leveling system eliminates the need for separate shimming pads. The machine uses mechanical clamping with clamp-release operation via a hydraulic cylinder.  Curve-pressed beams give it the most highly engineered and strongest clamping and folding beams in the world.   Drive shaft bearings are sleeved with high quality bronze couplers.  All other bearings   subject to wear are hardened and machine ground.  The Kinematic positive stop on the rear of the machine eliminates over-clamping and prevents damage to frames and linkages over time.

The Infinity Folding Series

On the Thalmann Infinity Double-Bend machine has, two bending aprons with different axis points (due to the metal thickness) are precisely attuned to each other. Consequently, in one bending program the bending axis can be against the topside of the metal, whilst it can also be against the underside of the metal. This metal thickness can be up to 3 mm on aluminium sheet.

The Infinity DF – Double Folder

The high operating speed of the machine, which has a modern, highly dynamic hydraulic drive, demands high stability. The swivel time of a bending apron is noticeably less than 2 seconds for 140 degrees. This speed can be reduced infinitely and synchronously to the side.

To achieve even more precise machine bending, a new and exceptionally precise synchronous system was developed for the bending and clamping aprons. The function of this system permits the production of perfectly curved sheet metal profiles.

New and interesting possibilities for manufacturing sheet metal profiles are provided by the fitted depth-controlled stop, which is programmable both parallel and also in a tapered manner. With a maximum insertion depth of 1250 mm, the Combi-Bend provides plenty of space for rational sheet-metal processing.

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